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CN-104382226-A: Preparation method of burley tobacco extract patent, CN-104394505-A: Rescue method and device patent, CN-104397985-A: Lift type office table with leg exercising function patent, CN-104430245-A: 一种远程监控诱捕仪 patent, CN-104437423-A: Anaerobic organism fluidized bed mixed carrier for treating industrial waste water and application of anaerobic organism fluidized bed mixed carrier patent, CN-104439777-A: 一种机脚夹持装置 patent, CN-104496350-A: 一种耐腐蚀聚合物改性水泥砂浆及其制备方法 patent, CN-104521508-A: Oriental sweet melon planting method in downwards concave type solar greenhouse patent, CN-104583804-A: 深度相机的照明光投射 patent, CN-104605696-A: Teapot patent, CN-104616708-A: 次临界能源包层非能动安全系统 patent, CN-104674025-A: Method of pre-treating molybdenite containing copper patent, CN-104697333-A: 一种实现热对流及二次辐射的双功能均匀加热装置 patent, CN-104704257-A: High fatigue arcuate spring patent, CN-104714821-A: 操作系统实例创建方法及装置 patent, CN-104729919-A: Method and system for extracting tensile breaking strength of micro beam manufactured by bulk silicon process patent, CN-104782758-A: Radio frequency pesticide and sterilization continuous treatment device patent, CN-104813144-A: 管理装置、服务提供系统、管理装置的控制方法以及计算机可读取的记录介质 patent, CN-104820156-A: 一种线束检测装置及方法 patent, CN-104832841-A: 背光单元及具有该背光单元的显示装置 patent, CN-104836025-A: Small polarization reconfigurable antenna patent, CN-104860870-A: 具有不同取代基的哌啶的制备方法 patent, CN-104896678-A: Intelligent control system of water chilling unit patent, CN-104897208-A: Bridge safety analyzer patent, CN-104960909-A: Automatic loading device of nut thread inspection machine patent, CN-104964209-A: 指示灯模块组件和家用电器 patent, CN-104989152-A: 一种十字交叉形架空输电杆塔 patent, CN-105017352-A: Indole alkaloid glycoside and application thereof patent, CN-105026878-A: Reversible camouflage material patent, CN-105063700-A: 一种用脉冲电流在印制电路板表面电镀银的方法 patent, CN-105065448-A: Turbine guide bearing patent, CN-105103018-A: Multi-core optical fiber and multi-core optical fiber cable patent, CN-105145427-A: Whitefish high-yield culturing method patent, CN-105181351-A: 汽车发动机最大扭矩车速检测方法 patent, CN-105221189-A: 用于涡轮增压器可变截面喷嘴环上的定距套的铆接结构 patent, CN-105242534-A: 基于遥测参数且关联于对卫星控制行为的卫星状态监测方法 patent, CN-105256342-A: 一种基于铜的超疏水表面及其制备方法 patent, CN-105344423-A: 一种破碎机转子 patent, CN-105345128-A: Automatic pipe cutter patent, CN-105360191-A: 油流动式连续自动油炸锅及其工作方法 patent, CN-105425854-A: 一种桥梁电缆加热防冰控制方法 patent, CN-105544531-A: 一种预应力高强混凝土空心支护桩及其制作方法 patent, CN-105579204-A: 用于尤其是鸡尾酒的饮料制备与分配的交互式机械站 patent, CN-105671824-A: Water spraying device for textiles patent, CN-105689896-A: Coating removing and welding integrated laser processing method for hot-rolled steel plates patent, CN-105701355-A: 一种交互式病房护理管理系统 patent, CN-105832438-A: Clinical saliva sucking device patent, CN-105905261-A: Vertical general assembly jig frame for container ship lashing bridge patent, CN-105923215-A: 一种制袋机的胶袋切割机构 patent, CN-106023534-A: 一种带行进安全预测和逃生方向指示功能的有毒气体报警器及其工作方法 patent, CN-106118296-A: 一种墙外涂料及其喷涂方法 patent, CN-106184663-A: Underwater patrol fighting robot patent, CN-106373760-A: 一种防尘隔音的非晶合金变压器 patent, CN-106462605-A: 流媒体内容的分布式安全数据存储和传输 patent, CN-106602465-A: Power transmission line tangent tower first insulator replacement tool patent, CN-106607661-A: 一种扶梯导轨定位工装 patent, GB-2209367-A: Security device patent, GB-2275610-A: Absorbent articles, such as a diaper,a pants-type diaper, an incontinence guard or a sanitary napkin patent, GB-2345823-A: Theft detection apparatus patent, GB-2384334-A: Control module and expansion board, with a control processor module, for connection to a motherboard bus patent, GB-2401207-A: Master slave serial bus connection has an intermediate device that interprets the requests and forwards them on by data, clock and address lines. patent, GB-2407653-A: Mechanical memory for a movable barrier operator and method patent, GB-2425827-A: Building ventilation system patent, GB-2450146-A: ßGBP, compositions comprising ßGBP, and related methods and uses thereof patent, GB-2483800-A: Elongate panels for forming planting containers patent, GB-2505523-A: A vessel with a spout with an anti-drip insert patent, GB-2512164-A: Sealing of turbine engine enclosures produced by brush seal and labyrinth patent, GB-2543483-A: Lamination technique for producing electronic devices patent, JP-2005041929-A: 混合方法および装置並びに発電システム patent, JP-2008211878-A: Design method for superconducting cable line and superconducting cable line patent, CN-102116163-A: 一种立层液压支架 patent, CN-102267995-A: 一种制备二氮杂螺环化合物的方法 patent, CN-102441559-A: Processing system for solid and liquid organic waste materials patent, CN-102463903-A: Method and apparatus for monitoring a vehicular propulsion system battery patent, CN-102509475-A: Air traffic control system and method for four-dimensional (4D)-trajectory-based operation patent, CN-102525686-A: Elastically deformable and resorbable medical mesh implant patent, CN-102564506-A: 一种超声波热量表管段及其安装方法 patent, CN-102620568-A: Chlorine bypass system and method for treating extracted gas from chlorine bypass patent, CN-102727837-A: 治疗胆囊结石和慢性胆囊炎的中药方剂 patent, CN-102744534-A: Preparation method of silver-free solder and product patent, CN-102802135-A: Method and device for managing short messages patent, CN-102817610-A: 一种掘锚护一体机 patent, CN-102836032-A: 一种角膜环钻 patent, CN-103004477-A: 一种高接金叶栾树速生培育的方法 patent, CN-103067678-A: 一种电视机字幕显示方法及装置 patent, CN-103088061-A: Application of RNA and carrier in preparation of product for preventing and/or treating liver cancer patent, CN-103107380-A: 一种电池及其制造方法 patent, CN-103125422-A: Fish tank patent, CN-103191290-A: Pharmaceutical composition for treating nasosinusitis as well as preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-103211702-A: Liquid filling port structure of medical feeding and flushing bag patent, CN-103221689-A: 用于车辆上安装的压缩机的模块式排放消音器 patent, CN-103300205-A: 无籽刺梨干的加工方法 patent, CN-103335161-A: Vacuum suppressor patent, CN-103340555-A: Control device of electric curtain patent, CN-103341071-A: 一种治疗犬猫膀胱炎的中药组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-103353604-A: X-ray imaging system patent, CN-103417202-A: Wrist-type vital sign monitoring device and monitoring method thereof patent, CN-103434260-A: 凹版印刷机及印刷设备 patent, CN-103540729-A: Production method of wear-resistant steel with high toughness patent, CN-103604665-A: 痕量地下水有机污染物的现场采集-富集一体化装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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